This REminds me of YOU!

Sooo “this reminds me of you!” or so i’ve been told by a few people that a picture reminds them of me. I thought I would post these pictures cause I thought it was really cute and nice that you guys think of me. hehehe. This post is going to make up for the exciting one I should’ve had for my trip to Purdue University.

From Denise

I’m assuming the context for this is that I’m usually busying myself with arts and crafts. I make a bunch of random things for family and friends.

From Denise and Ryan’s perspective

cyndi wang pic source 1

cyndi wang pic source 2

whats up with the bloody knees?? oO Anyways. It what world do I look like Cyndi Wang?? So for those of you who don’t know, Cyndi Wang is a Taiwanese actress who is famous of the drama “Smiling Pasta” (a cute and romantic drama starring Nicholas Teo as her counterpart. definitely recommend if you haven’t watched it yet). Apparently I have a few facial expressions that make me look like her, but to everyone else I don’t look anything like Cyndi Wang and I agree. Sorry Denise and Ryan, this comparison is a fail. lol.

From James


The context for this one is that James and I have a bet going on. We both are gonna try to get fit, but it could very much follow the cartoon in its ending. hahaha

From Vivian Lam’s perspective

I haven’t heard from my high school mate, Vivian Lam in over 4 years! and the first thing she posts on my facebook is that Park Shin Hye, the very popular Korean Actress, is my doppleganger. hahaha. I wish!

Park Shin Hye source 1

Park Shin Hye source 2

Now I don’t know about this one. Its definitely closer than Cyndi Wang, but still, I mean besides the short hair which I do have now there really isn’t much resemblance. Although, Park Shin Hye is really pretty and if I could look similar to her I’d be content : ) especially because she’s gotten the chance to kiss jang geun suk and lee min ho (ahhh so hot). lol.


Bat-ter UP!

hahaha. I don’t really know if that title even makes much sense.

So another day at the office, and I’ve decided to decorate my room. I drew some “scary” pumpkins the other day and my co-worker was telling me that the pumpkins were unwelcoming. He thought they were too creepy (he was just joking), but that just means I did my job! Its for HALLOWEEN!!

Anyways, at an attempt to make less “scary” decorations I drew some bats. I had coincidentally made enough to write each of my co-workers names on them. They are cute little bats. As I was finishing them up I thought it would’ve been a great holiday cookie design! too bad it will only remain a great idea this year since I don’t really have anyone to give the awesome cookies to.

Here’s some pictures of my little bats. : )

My OFFicE!

Look at my pretty sketch of my office!! haha I wish I could’ve actually drawn this. For some reason no matter how much I clean my office it always looks so busy.I have paper and just random stuff everywhere.

I took some pictures of my office so other people can be jealous of my un-cubicle like work space. hahha jk. I just thought it would be nice to share what my office looks like.

I’m kinda sad I haven’t tiffiny-ized it yet. Its still pretty empty. I didn’t bring any trinkets, bobbleheads, or pictures along with me to Minnesota and there aren’t really any cute asian gift shops anywhere in Minnesota or at least I have yet to find it.

So here’s hoping that I’ll have another post in the near future of my office and it’ll scream “This is Tiffiny Tran’s office! now get out!” haha.

RAWR! means I love you in dinosaur part 1

Have you guys seen the popular “Rawr means I love you in dinosaur”? This is where I got the inspiration for my dinosaur cookies. I decided that before I went back home for labor day I would make some cake pops and sugar cookies. My cousin Van is an avid baker as well and she got me interested in sugar cookies and cake pops. She introduced me to a great blog called Sweetsugarbelle. You should check this blog out if you really want to see what awesome cookies look like. The author of Sweetsugarbelle really knows how to make a simple sugar cookies look like art. edible art. Cake pops are just the in thing now. They’re pretty easy to make. The first time is definitely one for trial and error, but after that they are going to be the cutest little goodies you can make.

So I’m making this post not only to show pictures of my own awesome cookies and cake pops, but to share some tips on how to make your own sugar cookies and cake pops. Sorry the pictures aren’t that great. Next time I will take better pictures and post step-by-step photos as well. I’ve always loved that other bakers would go the extra mile and take pictures so that other people can visualize the process better and it lets them know if they’re on the right track or if they I messed up. And words can always be misinterpreted and hard to understand but pictures, well, it should look like the picture and there is no arguing that!

Cake POPs-

Materials: lollipop sticks, candy package, string or twist ties, styrofoam block, cake mix (you can make it from scratch or buy it at the store), 1 can of frosting, chocolate melts (I recommend Merckens. Don’t use Wilton’s Candy Melts)

  1. To make the cake pop, you first bake the cake according to the instructions on the cake mix box. Let the cake cool for a bit. Then crumble the cake in a bowl.
  2. Once you’ve done that, put about 1/4 -1/2 of the can of  frosting into your bowl and fully incorporate the frosting into the crumbled cake (In my perspective, it’s better to put a little and then add more if you find your cake needs more binding agents)
  3. Now you can make the balls for your cake pop. TIP: put the cake in the palm of one hand and then use the other palm to roll the cake around. It can get a little messy and the cake can start to dry on the outside, so what I do to get a really smooth surface on  the cake ball is I wet my fingers a little and smooth the outside of the ball. I think it helps to create a smooth, clean surface to work with when you start dipping it in chocolate.
  4. TIP: Once you’ve rolled your balls (which should be about 30-40/ cake mix), melt a little bit of chocolate in a bowl (preferably the melts that you will be using to coat your cake balls). Dip the tip of the  lollipop stick into the chocolate and poke it into the cake pop. The chocolate will harden and act like a binding agent, providing a strong bond between your stick and cake pop. (you’ll find out this will be helpful later because once you start coating your cake balls the cake can start to crumble and sometimes fall under its own weight). Once you’ve created your naked cake pops(hehehe I see them as naked prior to their chocolate coating), place them in the fridge for a little while so that they may harden (I left them in there overnight).
  5. When you take your hardened cake pops out, let them thaw out a little bit (Immediately dipping your cake pop into hot chocolate can cause the chocolate to harden upon contact and you won’t be able to coat the cake pop well). Take out your stryofoam blocks. You will stick your cake pops into the blocks so it can dry after dipping. Melt your chocolate** in a bowl and start your dipping!!! TIP: be very careful when you are trying to coat the entire pop and when you pull it out of the chocolate. pushing it around and pulling it too roughly can cause the cake pop to crumble or fall off the stick. Just carefully rotate your cake pop in the chocolate to get a nice coating and slowly pull it out. There can be a lot of excess chocolate on your cake pop, so just spin your cake pop a little and tap off the extra chocolate. Let it dry on the stryofoam block.
  6. Right before the chocolate completely dries you can place decorations on your cake pop. Sprinkles, colored dust, candy… anything you’d like!!! Or you can wait til after it dries and draw emoticons on the pops or add designs by piping more chocolate on it. ITS UP TO YOUR IMAGINATION AT THIS POINT : )

** I really suggest getting quality chocolate to dip your cake pops. You don’t want to put so much effort into making your lovely pops to have it come out looking like an asteroid with a bunch of craters in it. Wilton’s chocolate can make a noobie cake pop baker think that he/she doesn’t know how to melt chocolate correctly or is doing something wrong. Let me assure THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Wilton’s candy melts are good for a lot of chocolate projects, BUT doesn’t quite get you the type of consistency that you would need to smoothly coat your cake pop. So, I just so happened to have bought Merckens white chocolate (lucky me!!), and decided I would melt that and see if there was a difference. And sure enough there was!! I put the chocolate in the microwave for 30 secs and it was liquidy and the PERFECT consistency for dipping cake pops. Thus, save yourself the frustration and get chocolate that melts really well.

**If you already bought Wilton’s, I found out online that you can add some cooking oil into your chocolate to improve its flow. I, myself, have tried this. It’s a good start if you want to save your Wilton’s chocolate, but I didn’t really like the fact that there was added oil in my chocolate. The thought of it just doesn’t make it seem very appetizing and it only helped a bit. It never reached the same consistency as the Merckens chocolate.

For those who are wondering where I got the awesome transparent paint can like containers, it’s from Michaels (use a coupon! never shop at Michaels without one!) The large ones are about $5 and the smaller one was about $3 (retail). They come with this little washer attached to the handle that allows you to pop the top open just like a paint can. It’s a really nifty container.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post : ). Read part 2 of the “Rawr! means I love you in dinosaur” series if you want to know how to make awesome sugar cookies!

Rawr! means I love you in dinosaur Part 2

So in Part 1, I posted some tips that I thought would be really helpful to someone who is making cake pops for the first time. In part 2, I’ll be getting into how to make awesome decorated sugar cookies or more like refer you to the sites I visit to learn how to make and decorate sugar cookies.

SuGar CooKies-

To get a recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing visit sweetsugarbelle. This is also an awesome site to learn about the different types of consistency for royal icing that you would need to pipe or flood a cookie. There are also great tutorials and visuals for you to check out on the blog. The author of the blog always posts her newest creations for us bakers to admire and receive inspiration from.


ahaha, I just realized I don’t really have that much to write for sugar cookies because the site I mentioned above does a really great job at showing and describing how to do it.

A question I did get from my sister was where I got the cutout for the dinosaur cookies. The answer is: I MADE IT! hehehe. I just cut off a piece of scrap cardboard from a box and outlined my dinosaur shapes on there. Its helpful to not just draw the outline but also the features of the character you’re trying to make for future references when you start icing the cookie. This is a really inexpensive way to make sugar cookies of all different kinds. The only thing that I have to complain about is that because this is made from cardboard it doesn’t pierce the cookie doh like a regular cutter does. So, it requires more effort because you need to use a knife to cut around the cutout. If you don’t want to waste time cutting around a cardboard cutout, I did learn a really nifty method from a friend when I read her blog. You can read her post here at She made a really awesome android and Totoro cutter from a hose clamp. This is engineering and ingenuity right there.

My opinion about the cookies: The sugar cookies I made using sweetsugarbelle’s recipe were really soft and yummy. I was told it “melts in your mouth” hahahaha, but the icing from the site can be TOO sweet. I’m going to find another recipe or decrease the sweetness somehow, and I’ll post that up when I find it.

Mmmm any other tips… ahhh you really do need to check on your cookies often. It only takes 5-7 mins to bake. You want to make sure the cookies don’t burn and that it is baked well enough that it can handle being moved around. I find that baking them a little longer is better than taking it out too soon. The sugar cookies are extremely soft and delicate and baking them just a little longer, for me it was when the edges of the cookie were a little golden brown, helped make the transportation process and excessive handling a lot easier. But the fact is my cookies were really thin. They were less than a 1/4 of an inch thick and so there were a couple that didn’t survive after I took them out of the oven. I still saved them and pretended like the dinosaurs were purposely made to have disconnected body parts. hmmm that could have also been the reason why the icing was too sweet. TOOO much icing, not enough COOKIE!

Well enjoy the pictures and for those lucky few enjoy my little gifts!